Personal Health Insurance

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Whether it is an illness or an accident, unexpected medical bills can force nearly anyone into a financial hardship. Protection for you and your family is a priority in order to see that you don’t have to forfeit quality care due to the cost.

While there are many choices among many companies, medical insurance does not have to be complicated. With a few questions we can help you compare the options suited to your requests.

First and most important, where do you go for your medical care? We need to make sure that the plan you are considering will pay your providers.

Second, how much are you comfortable paying out of your pocket for medical expenses. This will determine the correct annual deductible.

Third, do you wish to have a prescription drug card? Adding this coverage does increase the premium however in many cases the overall savings at the drug store will more than pay the difference.

Starting January 1, 2014 additional insurance options became available through the state sponsored Marketplace.  Our agents are trained and certified to assist individuals both within and outside of the Illinois Marketplace.   We help with determining plan selection, identifying potential premium subsidies and in answering other questions that arise when making the choice of coverage.

You might qualify for a tax subsidy to help pay for your health insurance premium.  Use this link to determine your eligibility.  Tax Credit Calculator

Health Savings Accounts

In recent years another alternative has surfaced known as Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) This option takes a High Deductible Health Plan and pairs it with a tax favored savings account. The IRS determines what qualifies as a High Deductible Health Plan as well as the amount that can be contributed to the tax free savings account. The benefit of such a plan is in the tax savings.

Whether you are replacing current coverage or starting from scratch we encourage you to contact us for assistance in learning about your options in medical insurance.