Commercial Insurance

Could your business survive a $600,000 lawsuit? Could it make it past a 10 month period without income because of a fire?

Proper insurance for your business can be vital to surviving a disaster such as a fire or lawsuit, but it can also help to smooth out the less dramatic and more common minor adversities. There is a careful balance between carrying the proper coverage and seeing that it is well within the budget.

Our professionals work daily with businesses to see that this balance is met and that our clients are comfortable with the coverage selected. We access dozens of companies, giving you the ability to choose a policy that best suits you.

Insurance is only part of risk management; we can also help you find other ways to prevent financial loss in your operation.

The links above describe various types of coverage to help you decide which are necessities and which can be left out.

Since businesses are unique from one another, I invite you to contact one of our representatives to discuss your circumstances and request a proposal.