Employee Benefits – Dental

Dental coverage is a benefit that even the healthiest employees can appreciate. Most dental plans offer extensive coverage for preventative exams and cleanings as well as for basic and major services at a reasonable cost.  Depending on the plan selected these will be covered at a percentage.


As an example a plan may have an annual deductible of $50 with 100%, 80%, 50% coverage.

  • Prevention would be covered at 100% (deductible does not apply)
  • Basic services would be covered at 80% after the annual deductible of $50.
  • Major services would be covered at 50% after the annual deductible $50.

Another provision of dental plans is an annual maximum for which the company will pay out. Often times this would be between $1000 and $2000.

By contacting one of our experts you will have a comparison of multiple dental plans from which to choose. Call for an appointment to discuss your situation.