Mobile Device Insurance

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You are careful. You keep your device in a case and use a screen protector, but… What if you are part of the 35% of all users who damage their electronic device within the first year of use? Accidents happen and it could happen to you. Insurance allows you to pay a little now to protect yourself from a big cost later. A new iPhone can cost as much as $800. Why pay full price to replace your damaged device when you could pay a small premium and deductible instead?

In addition to offering accidental damage coverage, our partner, Worth Ave. Group, for Mobile Device Insurance offers coverage for many other perils. Whether you experience a theft, fire, flood, power surge, or vandalism; your device is covered. Choose mobile device insurance. You’ll be glad you did.

Coverage for Liquid Submersion Most of us have dropped something in the toilet one time or another. For some, it could be our expensive new tablet or smartphone. Your device may not work normally after a liquid submersion. Worth Ave. Group covers the cost of water damage to any insured device.

Theft Protection  Being a victim of any kind of theft can be devastating. Whether your device was stolen from your car or home, Worth Ave. Group covers you. Your shiny new gadget could a huge target for thieves. Don’t regret not being covered.

Damages from tornadoes and other natural disasters Going through a natural disaster is devastating enough, Worth Ave. Group doesn’t want you to pay out-of-pocket to replace your valuable device when disaster strikes. Our policies cover device damages from fire, flood, other natural disasters.

Cracked Screens & Other Accidental Damage It seems like the smarter our phones get the easier it is from them to break. Worth Ave. Group electronic device insurance will cover the cost of repairing common damages like cracked screens and damaged casing.

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