Fixed Rate Annuities

Fixed rate annuities make a great alternative to bank CD’s since they currently have a more favorable rate of return.  Fixed rate annuities are not guaranteed by the FDIC, however, in Illinois they are guaranteed by the Illinois Guarantee Fund and other states have similar arrangements. The most important factor when considering the fixed rate annuity is that you will leave the money in the account for the full term to avoid surrender penalties.  With that being said, the current rates as of 7/31/2014 are:

36 Month 1.90%

60 Month 3.00%

These rates are locked in for the term of the contract.

Please contact Beau or Brad by phone at 309.833.1755 or by email at to learn more.

* Single premium deferred annuities. Rate guaranteed for 3 or 5 year contracts; should you choose to continue this annuity after the third or fifth year guaranteed period, the minimum rate is 1%.  IRS penalty for withdrawals before age 59 1/2.  Issued by Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company, Policy Form.  Interest rate effective 7/31/2014 and subject to change without notice.  $10,000 minimum purchase payment. Monthly interest subject to a minimum amount of $100.  Excess withdrawal are subject to market value adjustment. Information is based on an Illinois contract.